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260 Pieces Colorful Glitter Foam Stickers Self Adhesive Stars Mini Heart Shapes Glitter Stickers, Kid’s Arts Craft Supplies Greeting Cards Home Decoration Stars&Heart Shapes

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Product Description

Stars and heart-shaped stickers are very beautiful shapes. If you have a cute child, you can choose stars and heart-shaped stickers for her, your cute children will like it; if you want to host a party for your child, these stickers will increase the fun and atmosphere of the party; if you are a child, these stickers will be a wonderful playmate, decorate a lot of things you like, and you also can share it with your friends

Beautiful Bubble stickersBeautiful Bubble stickers

Beautiful Bubble stickers

“Twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder where you are.”

Under the wonderful lyrics are our beautiful stars and heart-shaped stickers, different sizes and colors, sufficient quantity. Twinkle stars and heart-shaped stickers, you will love them


Room decoration

The room is sometimes a bit monotonous, especially in the little girl’s room. But if you put these shiny beautiful stickers on the small desk, on the bedside table, on the wall, it will be very beautiful and add color to the room.


Personal belongings decoration

Everyone has a lot of small things that they like, such as mobile phones, stationery bags, books, cups, etc. It will be more fun to put some beautiful star stickers on the things they like.


Best wishes

Ideal for pasting on paper or greeting cards, it represents your blessings to friends and family, and those who receive gifts will be happy.

equally beautifulequally beautiful

Two shapes, different sizes, different colors, equally beautiful

Star Heart stickers are available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose the suitable color and size depending on the scene you want to use and the items you are pasting.



no need glue or tape, just peel off the white paper at the back, easy to stick and use, suitable for smooth and clean surface.And very soft, easy to paste.



package includes 55g foam stickers, approx 260 pieces; heart length range is 1.5 – 4.5 cm and star length range is 1.8 – 3.5 cm

these stickers are made of EVA, light, soft and thick



product contains small parts, not for children under 3 years old; They should use under adult’s supervision

The Bubble stickers of the stars and hearts are very nice. I put them on my beloved table, on the back of the phone, on the computer, and on the wall. I give the floodlight heart-shaped stickers to my good friends and they like it very much. I buy the glittering star stickers and gave them to my lovely children and they are very happy.These colorful foam stickers are great for greeting cards, kids’ craft project, classroom and home decoration, phone,etc. DIY develop your imagination
In appearance, the shape of the stars and the heart-shaped stickers are beautiful. They are colorful and sparkling, just like the stars in the sky are blinking, like a beautiful heart that is ready to move. I will be very happy whenever I see them, because it is very beautiful
In terms of quantity, there are about 260 small star stickers and heart-shaped stickers, and the number is really satisfying my needs. I can stick it on many items I like, such as pencil cases, mobile phone cases, textbooks, toys, and many places in the room
In terms of quality, I really like the soft bubble texture of star stickers and heart-shaped stickers. I can directly tear the sticker off the carrier for operation, super convenient, and the color will not fade because it has been used for a long time
In short, both the appearance and the quality of the stickers are very applicable. I can decorate anywhere I like; I can put these stickers on my friends and friends’ arms, cheeks, and other decorations at the party; I can give my favorite friends a beautifully wrapped sticker


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