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Toy Choi’s Pretend Play Series Standard Workbench Toy Tool Play Set, 82 Pieces Construction Work Shop Toy Tool Kit Bench Outdoor Travel Preschool Toy Gift for Kids Toddler Baby Children Boys and Girls

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Product Description



The Importance of Material

You may not be familiar with the commonly used materials of toys. They are basically all plastic, and the commonly used plastics include Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic which is what we called ABS, polypropylene plastic, and polystyrene plastic. Each type of plastic material is used for different purposes due to the different properties of them. Even though the cost of ABS plastic is the most expensive one among all commonly used plastic materials, we still choose ABS plastic as our main materials since that it has many great advantages in many aspects such as brighter color, abrasive resistance, resistance to pressure, fire-resisting property, and environmentally non-toxic, etc. We believe that safety is the priority for toy products, thus we will make sure all the raw materials we used are the best quality in the market and we will never use any wasted or leftover material.







An Advanced Toy Bench Clamp

The bench clamp is used to clamp the items. The wooden block can be connected to the workbench. First, please open the bench clamp, put the wooden to the clamp, and then screw the screw rod to fix it, so as to start the work easily.

Toy Drill

This electric drill is equipped with three different types of drill bit which are interchangeable, and it operates at a moderate speed to prevent accidents that might harm your kids when misoperation occurs. There are two rotating directions that you can choose from which are clockwise and counterclockwise, and the LED floodlight will stay lit when the drill is operating (pull the trigger). The electric toy drill requires two AA batteries which are not included, please prepare them in advance.

Wearable Product Line

We have considered every possible usage scenario of our toy tool accessories before we decide which plastic material to apply to each part. Therefore, we decided to use two types of materials for our goggle, ABS for the goggle frame to ensure a great sturdiness of it, and polypropylene for the goggle lens to ensure great impact resistance and make the lens shatterproof. The lens will not break into sharp debris which may damage your lovely kids’ eyes. Also, the elastic band has great elasticity and is suitable for different children’s head sizes.







New Package Design

We not only updated the product but also redesigned a new package for our toy tool series. The improved package has doubled the number of cardboard grams and increased the layers of corrugated paper, which results in a better texture and hardness for the package to prevent damage during long-distance transportation and ensures our clients can receive the product in a great condition just like newly minted.

Please confirm the integrity of the package after receiving the item.

Greater Work Table Stability

Most of the toy workbench on the market are easy to sway from side to side when they are in use. According to feedback, we have widened the support column of the toy workbench. Four connecting rods at the foot of the toy workbench are stuck at the stress point so that the whole workbench is uniformly stressed. Even if your child is leaning on the workbench, the stable shelf can provide great support and increase stability. But it is not allowed to overwhelm the whole body on the workbench, which will increase the danger.

Dear Valued Clients

We sealed the products’ packages with plastic film, added more foam to the outer box to reduce collisions during long-distance transportation from the Chinese factory to the United States. In addition, we contacted a professional transportation company to transport the item, maintain a safe distance between the box to ensure that the items will not be damaged during the transportation from the port to the Amazon warehouse, finally shipped to our customers by Amazon.

Please keep in mind, toys will always break since there are limited types of material to choose from due to children’s safety and health reasons. Frankly, we cannot be sure that our toy will never break even if we use the best quality of plastic.

However, we can be sure that our after-sales team will always be there when you need help. If you have any questions about our product, please contact our customer support team via Amazon message or email.

Accessory Quantity
83 Pcs
5 Pcs
5 Pcs
3 Pcs
5 Pcs
83 Pcs
Applicable Age
3 & Above
3 & Above
3 & Above
3 & Above
3 & Above
3 & Above
Electric Drill / Great Stableness with Variety of Tools
Simulated Features & Sound / Light with No Sharp Edges
Real Centrifugal Blower Engine Structure / Noticeable Blast Air
Simulated Features / Great Stableness with Variety of Tools
Simulated Features & Sound / Electric Drill
Electric Drill / Unique Design / A variety of tool accessories
Battery Requirement
2 AA Batteries (Not Included)
3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
3 AA Batteries (Not Included)


This product is suitable for users aged 3 and above, but adult supervision is still required.


1. In order to prevent the lens from breaking into sharp debris, hurting your lovely kids’ eyes, we have tried to choose better materials. To be frank, it is inevitable that the lens will be prone to scratches due to soft material characteristics. If there are too many scratches affecting the use, please do not hesitate to contact the after-sales team.

2. Please feel free to contact the after-sales team via Amazon message or Email if you have any problem or question about our products.

3, The toy drill requires 2AA, please prepare by yourself.

Q: Does the saw really cut?

Don’t worry! It cannot cut anything actually. All of tools are made of plastic without sharp edges so that it won’t hurt your child.

Toy Choi’s Pretend Play Series Standard Workbench Toy Tool Play Set Includes:

1 * Drill

1 * Goggle

1 * Stickers

1 * Manual

1 * Hand Saw

1 * Tool Case

1 * Dust Mask

1 * Screwdriver

1 * C-type Clamp

1 * T-type Wrench

1 * Insulated Pliers

1 * Measuring Tape

1 * Nailing Hammer

1 * Transmission Shaft

1 * Adjustable Wrench

1 * Combination Wrench

1 * Hanging Storage Bin

1 * Screwdriver Handle

1 * Three Holes Accessories

2 * Iron Nail

2 * Bench Clamp

2 * Tool Case Buckles

2 * Suared and Rounded Accessories

3 * Drill Bits

3 * Wooden Blocks

4 * Connecting Bar

4 * Tool Case Stands

8 * Red Hook

17 * Screws / 18 * Screw Nuts

Please Scroll Down to Tecnical Support of the Product Information Section for the Latest User Guide.
Quality Upgrade:We have upgraded the product materials, accessories and packaging to bring children a more authentic and safe experience. At the same time, exquisite packaging is the best choice for holiday gifts.
82 Pcs: There are 82pcs in total that you can get from this kids workbench set, it is surely the largest quantity of accessory you can from a toy workbench set currently in the market and is equivalent to a combination of several toys. Equip young handyman with all basic tools they will need to build, repair such as realistic screws, nuts, hammers, spanners and amazing electric drills. A variety of tool accessories can be used in combination or used individually.
Great Storability Tool Station: No matter where you want to take the workbench to or clean-up after a great playtime, a protable toys set can help you to simplify the storing process. It allows you to put all the accessories into the toy tool case and it only occupy a tiny space of your room.
Safe Materials: This classic toy workbench is made of the finest plastic which is ABS that allows our toys to more colorful, more resistant and environmental so that children can play safely.
Kindly Reminder: Please read the description for more detailed introduction of product functions and features, if you have any questions about our product, please contact us via Amazon message or email.


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