KEYESTUDIO Complete Starter Kit with microbit V1.5 for BBC Micro:bit STEM, 45 Projects Tutorial, Compatible with Micro bit V2, T-Type Breakout Board LCD Display Electronics Starter Kit for Beginners

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microbit kitsmicrobit kits

KEYESTUDIO Complete Starter Kit for BBC Microbit, Easy to Code and Learn Micro bit

microbit v2microbit v2

The best part is a browser-based programming environment (Microbit website) and ability to transfer programs like you’re copying a file to a USB drive.

micro bit kitmicro bit kit

Great starter kit for trying to get into microbit. This kit should keep you busy with a lot of activities.

The pieces are compact and good-quality and the whole thing fits into the plastic case it came in for storage.

These little modules are an excellent way to get kids (and adults) into programming. They are easy to use.

Programming the different parts to do different things.







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Teaching kids to program with Microbit is brilliant!


Please Note the microbit starter kit (ASIN: B08H8LK5B5) comes with microbit V1.5 control board.

While another microbit starter kit (ASIN: B08H8MZ4F7) DOES NOT CONTAIN microbit V1.5 control board.

Package Contains: T-type microbit Shield *1; Red LED *10; Yellow LED *10; Green LED *10; RGB *1; Adjustable Potentiometer *1; Photoresistor *3; Flame Sensor (Infrared receiving triode) * 1; LM35DZ Temperature Sensor* 1; S8050 Triode *1; Tilt Switch* 2; 220Ω Resistor* 10; 1KΩ Resistor *10; 10KΩ Resistor *10; 2.4KΩ Resistor* 8; 51Ω Resistor* 5; Active Buzzer *1; Passive Buzzer *1; Button Cap *4; 1-digit Tube Module* 1; 4-digit Tube Module *1; 8*8 Dot matrix *1; 74HC595N Chip *1; IR Receiver *1; IR Remote Control *1; L293D Motor*1; Driver Chip *1; ULN2003 Stepper Motor *1; Drive Module *1; Water Level Sensor * 1; Soil Humidity Sensor *1; MQ-2 Gas Sensor* 1 ; 5-wire Stepper Motor *1; DS1302 Clock Module *1; DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor *1; PIR Motion Sensor* 1; OLED Display Module * 1; HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor *1; Joystick Module * 1 ; Micro Servo *1; 1-channel Relay Module *1; Sound Sensor * 1; Breadboard Power Module *1; DC Motor(with 2 breadboard lines)* 1 ; 6 AA Battery holder *1; Breadboard *1; Breadboard Wire *30; 40pins M-F Dupont Line * 1; DC 5V Water Pump (with 2 breadboard wires) *1; Resistor Color Chart *1; Fan *1; Plastic Water Pipe *1; 2 AA Battery Holder *1;

BBC Micro:bit Development Board V1.5 is Included! This kit is Compatible with V2, Micro:bit v2 NOT Include.
This microbit starter kit has everything you need to start a project for learning about electronics and coding.Well packed with various sensors,5v relay,led lights, buzzer,1602LCD,OLED display screen,breadboard,usb cable,etc. All of this extends the sensors and functionality already available in the micro:bit.
Tutorials easy to follow,45 Projects with detailed guidance,work with the microbit software,full of wisdom and joy.All projects code can be found on web tutorials as well.
It includes a lot of features found in much more microbit starter kits such as led blink, light sensor/accelerometer (using the micro:bit’s built in functionality), RGB led lights,gas detection,motor driving,watering reminder, music and more.
Everything can be programmed through the Microsoft Makecode so there are lots of fun educational opportunities.Technical support is always available!


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