Lined Burlap Pantry Storage Baskets For Potatoes And Onions With Handles, Set Of 2, Decorative Rustic Farmhouse Home Decor, Kitchen Organization, 2 Pack

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Charming Burlap Jute Potato and Onion Bags/Baskets
Perfect size, not too big, not too small. You can easily fit a large bag of onions or up to a 10 pound bag of potatoes with room to spare.
Large basket measures 10 x 14.5 (H), Small basket measures 9″ x 11.5″ (H)
These adorable and convenient potato and onion storage bin will help you organize your kitchen pantry and make it look good in the process. They’d also be great for staging a home. They’re good quality, easy to clean, and very durable.  We have made them more functional and modern looking compared to the traditional burlap sacs.   They are perfect for short term storage.  If you want to prolong the life of your vegetables it is best to store them in a cool dark place, leave the sand/dirt on the potatoes (do not wash before storing) and do not mix the potatoes and the onions in the same bag.
This type of fabric is also known as burlap/hessian which come from the Jute plant.
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✔️HIGH QUALITY FABRIC – Burlap is a strong, coarse and very durable material. These baskets can stand on their own or be collapsed by pressing down. There is a metal wire stitched inside the opening for extra sturdiness. There is also a THIN LINING inside for easy clean-up and durability. These are perfect for short term storage of your potatoes and onions. This fabric will also look a bit crinkly at first, but they will smooth out once you use them.
✔️MEASUREMENTS & SPECIFICATIONS – Large basket measures approx. 10″ (opening) x 14.5″ (H). Small/Medium basket measures approx. 9″ (opening) x 11.5″ (H). The words are printed in black for a nice contrast and the handles are faux leather, light brown. The handles make it easy to carry your veggies from your pantry to your prep space and the lining inside prevents the dirt, sand and peels from falling out onto the floor or on your counter.
✔️WEIGHT CAPACITY – Don’t let the cute look fool you! These baskets might be lightweight, but they are very rugged and sturdy. They can handle up to 4.5KG (10 LBS) of weight. You can easily fit a large (5 lbs) bag of onions or up to a 10 lbs bag of potatoes with room to spare!
✔️STYLE – These adorable baskets will bring a natural and textured feel to your space with a side of old fashioned charm. If you love that neutral farmhouse look, then you will love these! Their neutral color makes them blend in nicely with other containers or storage bins you may have. They can be used to organize your pantry by leaving them on the floor or putting them up on a shelf, or you might prefer to use them as decorative and showcase them on your kitchen counter
✔️OUR GUARANTEE AND HELPFUL HINTS – Your satisfaction is very important to us. We take great care in selecting the style, materials and particularly the manufacturer. If you’re not satisfied with this product for any reason, we will give you a full refund. Some helpful tips to remember when dealing with potatoes and onions is to ensure the space you keep them in is cool and dark. Do not wash your potatoes before storing, leave the dirt on them. Do not mix potatoes and onions in the same bag.


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