pindaloo Juggling Skill Toy with 2 Balls | an Exciting New Game for Kids Teens and Adults – Indoor and Outdoor Play | Have a Whole Lot of Fun Developing Motor Skills and Learning to Juggle (Blue)

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Welcome to Pindaloo (patented design), your new best friend. Juggling is our expertise so you’re buying from THE EXPERTS. We, at Tizzer Toys are the official sellers of the original Pindaloo. This amazing toy which combines basic movements with simple action principles of physics in a fun, challenging skill based toy will keep you and the kids, if you let them have a go, excited for hours. Begin by mastering looping the ball around the Pindaloo, then you can progress on to harder tricks and even create your own. The whole family can enjoy hours of electronic-free fun!



* Start off slowly using just one ball to get the feel of how the ball flows up and down the U-shaped tube as you swing it.

* Then shoot your ball up in the air through one side of the tube and catch it at the other side.

* Now try it with 2 balls.

* Your hand-eye coordination, attention, focus and fine motor skills are in overdrive.

* Dropped the ball? Never mind! That’s a few calories lost just by bending down and picking it up. Plus, your gross motor skills are working hard for you.

Aaaaah! The joys of a great workout in a small toy.








We’re not going into the specifics of physics and aerodynamics, enough to say that they are at work with this amazingly simple yet perfect blue tube.


Of exactly the right size and weight to ensure that they “do their thing” correctly. In one end and out of the other – sounds simple but it takes practice.


Finished playing for the day? Simply put the balls inside the tube and close with the colored lids. You’re ready for your next session whenever you want it.



Work at it just like you would with juggling or hula-hooping and once you get the hang of it you’re off! Once you’re looping the loop you’ll never want to put it down. WARNING: THIS JUGGLING TOSS-AND-CATCH GAME CAN BE ADDICTIVE.



Actually, why not? Work hard and play harder and eventually, you’ll get to a point where you can handle one in each hand! After that, you can set up a whole group passing from one to the other. The ideas are endless and the fun is infinite.



Everyone should own at least one Pindaloo. This is an amazing birthday or Christmas gift for anyone who loves a challenge. This is a game that will last for years and years!

A FUN ACTIVITY WITH BENEFITS – Pindaloo is a juggling game which is both challenging and fun. Whatever your age, you’ll hone your motor skills and improve your hand to eye coordination as you master the basics of play, and go on to develop your own cool tricks. Suitable for any level, this is a totally inclusive game and the latest craze to hit the USA!
BE WARNED! IT’S ADDICTIVE – Watch as the yellow balls travel through the blue tube, in and out. Visually exciting, interactive and great family fun for pre-teens, teenagers, parents, grandparents, as well as athletes who are interested in working on their coordination, and everyone else too. You improve hand-eye coordination simply by following the balls.
A COOL SKILL THERAPY AND GAME – Playing with Pindaloo necessitates using both sides of the brain while improving balance, gross motor movement, and fine motor skills. Imagine playing a game which not only calms but can be directly responsible for providing help to kids, teens and adults with learning difficulties such as holding a pen. It also improves attention, develops focus, critical and creative thinking and confidence. Just loop and keep it moving for the greatest fun of your life!
A GREAT GAME FOR TRIPS – Going camping, to grandma’s, to the park and even to school for break time. It’s a great way to work out the kinks from sitting in class or the office for too long. Play it alone or include friends and family. Either way, it’s made of durable, waterproof and recyclable plastic so it’s great for the pool too
AN AMAZING GIFT – Whatever the weather has in store for this Christmas the kids will have a ball with this neat and exciting toy. This has to be the best grandparent’s toy ever! BUY YOURS NOW and enjoy the fun of developing a new skill. This purchase is guaranteed and if you are not 100% happy, return to us for a full refund. Hasn’t happened yet!


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